Man pages for yoni/r_we_the_people
An R client for interacting with the White House's "We The People" petition API.

add_datetime_fieldsAdds datetime fields based on some of the common fields in...
generate_wordcloud_plotsGenerates plots of wordclouds for each petition.
IMPORTANT_DATESSome important dates relating to the We the People...
melt_issuesMelts the petitions data.frame, creating multiple rows for...
petition_analysesPetition sentiment analyses loaded Feb 19, 2013
petitionsPetitions loaded Feb 19, 2013
petitions_from_jsonTransforms petitions from JSON to a data.frame
petition_term_document_matrixCalculates the TermDocumentMatrix for petitions.
plot_entity_sentiment_summaryPlots a summary of sentiment for entities.
plot_issue_sentiment_barPlots issue level sentiment in a simplistic bar chart.
plot_issue_sentiment_boxplotPlots a boxplot of issues' sentiments.
plot_issue_signaturesPlot issue signatures using a boxplot.
plot_issues_over_timeGenerates a plot of issues over time.
plot_issues_pending_responseGenerates a plot of issues pending response over time.
plot_sentiment_analysisPlots the sentiment together with petitions.
plot_sentiment_densityPlots the sentiment density.
plot_sentiment_vs_signaturesPlots the sentiment vs. signature count.
plot_signature_countPlots the signature counts over time.
plot_signature_counts_by_statusDensity plot of signature counts by status, highlighting the...
plot_signature_count_trendsPlots a trend of signature counts over time.
plot_signatures_by_time_of_dayPlots the signature counts by time of day.
plot_status_by_creationPlots the statuses according to the creatio time.
plot_wordcloudPlots a wordcloud for the given petitions.
scale_color_sentimentAdds a manual color scale for sentiment polarity.
signaturesSignatures loaded Feb 19, 2013
signatures_from_jsonTransforms Signatures from JSON to a data.frame
users_from_jsonTransforms Users from JSON to a data.frame
WeTheEntitiesAPIClientSupports entity and sentiment analysis using the We the...
wethepeopleA package for working with the We The People data.
WeThePeopleAPIClientWe The People API Client, based on RCurl. see RCurl
WeThePeopleMySQLClientWe The People MySQL Client
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