Diagnose and Detect Markers in Extracellular Circulating,

Feature Selection Method


Diagnose and Detect Markers in Extracellular Circulating is a homo sapiens deductive system solving the markers in extracellular circulating. It entails the symbols of markers, like the genes, the proteins, the micro RNAs, and the isoforms, whether can be diagnose and detect in extracellular circulating, especially the blood serum and the urine for the biological and medicine significance. With the help of a homo sapiens annotation database in DDMarkerData package, DDMarker can even diagnose and detect the sequence among the genes, the proteins, the micro RNAs, and the isoforms. There are two main function in this package, the ddmarker, and the MMC, short for Minimal Metabolize Circulation. MMC entails the markers among the minimal metabolize circulation.

DDMarker package can be installed quickly by install_github('yu-shang/DDMarkerFAST');.

FAST is the feature selection method of DDMarker. It shows a way to predict your own data not only like DDMarker and cui's nucleic acids research did, but also can do it in 4 new ways: Support vector machines, the most stable method in biomarkers diagnosis; Adaboost, also known as the the most efficiency and accuracy method; Naive bayes cluster; Recursive partitioning and regression trees; Decision trees.


You can install DDMarkerFAST from github using the devtools package



DDMarker 1.0 05/27/2015 Recomputed the blood and urine predicted biomarkers from the latest datebase;
DDMarker 1.1 08/27/2015 DDMarker can entails the sequence of proteins;
DDMarker 1.2 12/28/2015 adds a visualization function of biomarkers; isoform proteins can be diagnosed; starts the prediction of extracellular circulating in a large area;
DDMarker 1.3 01/12/2016 more illustrates are uploaded as the draft;
DDMarker 1.4 03/12/2016 adds the medical guidance in the results;
DDMarker 1.4.1 04/01/2016 bug fixed;
DDMarker 1.4.2 05/02/2016 bug fixed;
DDMarker 1.4.3 05/23/2016 bug fixed;
DDMarker 1.5 05/27/2016 bug fixed;
DDMarker 2.0 07/07/2016 DDMarker2 published;
DDMarker 2.1 07/12/2016 adds 4 methods in DDMarker FAST method.

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