Defines functions make_deg_net

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#'Prioritize ligand-receptor interactions based on differential expression
#'A ligand-receptor pair is considerd when both the ligand and receptor genes are enriched in one cell type (e.g., expressed 3 fold higher in cell type A than each of the other cell types)
#'The resulting ligand-receptor network is then compared against talklr
#' @param expression_data expression matrix for ligand and receptor genes. 1st column "genes" (gene symbol, upper case); remaining columns: gene expression level
#' @param expressed_net the output from calling make_expressed_net.R function. To ensure the input network to both algorithms are the same.
#' @param fc_thresh fold change threshold above which a gene is considered enriched
#' @param pseudo_count a small value added to the expression matrices to avoid dividing by 0.
#' @return ligand-receptor network where both ligand and receptor genes are uniquely enriched in one cell type (i.e, marker genes for each cell type)
#' @export
  for (i in 1:n_cell){
    mat<-matrix(rep(expression_data[,i+1],n_cell),nrow=nrow(expression_data),ncol=n_cell,byrow = F)

  degs<- rowSums(expressed_stat)==1
  deg_pairs<-expressed_net[expressed_net$Ligand.ApprovedSymbol %in% degs & expressed_net$Receptor.ApprovedSymbol %in% degs,]
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