Man pages for zabore/ezfun
Emily C. Zabor's functions

bycontTable of one or more categorical variables by a single...
compute_ageCalculate age in years based on two dates and their...
ez_palA custom color scale made by Emily Zabor, with help from...
lowercharConvert to lowercase
msk_paletteMSK branded colors palette generator
msk_palettesComplete list of MSK branded color palettes
mvcoxresFormat resuls from multivariable Cox regression model
mvcrrresFormat resuls from multivariable competing risks regression...
mvlmresFormat resuls from multivariable linear regression model
mvlogitresFormat resuls from multivariable logistic regression model
ph2simonAppInteractive Simon's 2-stage Shiny app
scale_ezDiscrete color & fill scales based on the ez palette
sdpGet p-value from survdiff()
tab1Table 1
tab1_reTable 1 with random effects model p-values
tabnaCross-tabulation with 'useNA = "ifany"'
theme_ezbasicBasic theme preferences for ggplot
todateConvert to date format
uvcoxphTable of univariable Cox regression results
uvcrrTable of univariable competing risks regression results
uvlmTable of univariable linear regression results
uvlogitTable of univariable logistic regression results
uvsurvTable of univariable survival analysis results
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