Man pages for zachmayer/segue2
Ensembles of Caret Models

assembleOutputInternal function used for assembling the output produced by...
checkLastStepStatusAWS Support Function: Checks the status of a given job on EMR
checkStatusAWS Support Function: Checks the status of a given job on EMR
createClusterCreates the configuration object, uploads needed files, and...
csvToListThe inverse of the listToCsv() function Takes a csv of...
deleteS3BucketAWS Support Function: Delete an S3 Bucket
deleteS3KeyAWS Support Function: Delete an S3 Key (a.k.a file)
downloadS3FileAWS Support Function: Downloads a key from an S3 Bucket into...
emptyS3BucketAWS Support Function: Empty an S3 bucket
emrlapplyParallel lapply() function using Amazon's EMR service.
listToCsvConverts an R list into a text CSV. Serializes each element...
makeS3BucketAWS Support Function: Creates an S3 Bucket
segue-packageA segue into parallel processing on Amazon's Web Services. A...
setCredentialsAWS Support Function: set up credentials
startClusterStarts a cluster on Amazon's EMR service
stopClusterStops a running cluster
submitJobSubmits a job to a running cluster
uploadS3FileAWS Support Function: Uploads a local file to an S3 Bucket
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