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Model Implied Instrumental Variable (MIIV) Estimation of Structural Equation Models

bollen1989aIndustrialization-Democracy Data
bollen1989bUnion sentiment data
bollen1989cSubjective class data
bollen1996Perceived accessibility data
buildMissingSyntaxbuild the missing data model syntax
buildRestrictMatbuild the restriction matrix
buildSSCPbuild the sum of squares and cross products matrix
buildVarCovSyntaxbuild the variance covariance point estimates model syntax
est2SLSCoefestimate the 2SLS point estimates
est2SLSCoefCovestimate the 2SLS coefficient covariance matrix
est2SLSSigmaSqestimate the 2SLS equation specific sigma squared
estimatesTablereturn a dataframe of parameter estimates for a fitted model.
estResidualCovCalculate the residual covariance matrix
estTwoStageMLestimate the SEs using two-stage ML
estVarCovarCoefestimate the variance and covariance parameters
felson1979Attractiveness and academic ability
fillParTablefill the parameter table
miiveModel-implied instrumental variable (MIIV) estimation
miive.2slstwo-stage least square estimator for a system of equations
miivsModel-implied instrumental variable (MIIV) search
MIIVsem-packageModel Implied Instrumental Variable Estimation of Structural...
minEigenStatCalculate the minimum eigenvalue statistic of Cragg and...
parseInstrumentSyntaxParse user-supplied instrumental variables
print.miivePrint method for a MIIV estimation object
print.miivsPrint method for a MIIV search object
processDataProcess data.
pruneExcessMIIVsPrune MIIVs based on some specified criterion.
sheasRSqCalculate Shea's Partial R-squares
summary.miiveSummary information for a MIIV estimation object
summary.miivsSummary information for a MIIV search object
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