Man pages for zamorarr/coach
Lineup optimization for daily fantasy sports

add_dk_opp_teamAdd opposing team
add_generic_positions_constraintAdd custom position constraints
add_pitcher_hitter_constraintDon't let us build lineups with pitchers and hitters facing...
add_row_idAdd a row id column to the data frame
add_stack_size_constraintStack best available teams with variable sizes
add_unique_id_constraintUnique ID constraint
assert_coltypesMake sure columns in data frame are the right type
assert_has_colsAssert that the dataframe has certain columns
convert_lineupConvert lineup to submission format
model_genericGeneric fantasy model
normalize_lineupNormalize a lineup based on position
normalize_positionsNormalize positions by allowed counts
optimize_genericOptimize a fantasy Model
optimize_generic_oneOptimize fantasy lineups
parse_constraintsParse custom constraints
parse_locationsParse locations from a string like [email protected]
read_dkRead Draftkings
read_fdRead Fanduel Players
whereSame as which, but returns NULL instead of empty vector when...
write_lineupsWrite lineups for submission
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