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msf is an R wrapper for the MySportsFeeds API.

There is an official R package provided by MySportsFeeds, but this package differs in the following ways:

These additions have been very helpful for me to use the data effectively in R. Also, when I started this package the official R package had not been released yet.




To start, make sure you have set the following environment variables set on your computer. Putting them in your .Renviron file is probably the easiest way to do it.


Then in R you can query the feeds easily. See the function documentation for a description of the parameters. They should follow the same parameters required to query the official web API.


# Get data
resp <- game_boxscore("nba", "20171027-BRO-NYK")

# You can directly work with the json content represented as a list
json <- resp$content

# Or parse the json list into tidy dataframe
boxscore <- parse_boxscore(json)

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