Man pages for zamorarr/msf2
API for mysportsfeeds

add_keyAdd MySportsFeeds API key to R environment file
all_playersLists all players for a league on a given date, with full bio...
delay_byDelays function result
msf_apiMySportsFeeds API v2
msf_by_dateMySportsFeeds API calls by date
msf_by_gameMySportsFeeds API calls by game
msf_by_seasonMySportsFeeds API calls by season
msf_classAdds msf_* type to object class
msf_dateConverts a Date to msf formatted date
msf_timeConverts msf formatted time to POSIXct
pipePipe operator
read_msfRead msf api objects from disk
tidyTidy MSF json to a dataframe
tidy.msf_boxscoreTidy Game Boxscores
tidy.msf_dfsTidy DFS Converts daily and seasonal dfs data to a dataframe
tidy.msf_gamesTidy Daily Games
tidy.msf_lineupTidy Starting Lineups
tidy.msf_playersTidy Players
write_msfWrite msf api objects to disk
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