Man pages for zamorarr/rcoinbase
R interface for making requests to the Coinbase API

access_signatureGenerate an api access signature
capture_request2Capture requests to tests directory
coinbase_apiCoinbase API
create_accountCreate account
create_addressCreate address
delete_accountDelete account
get_accountShow an account
get_accountsList accounts
get_addressShow addresss
get_addressesList addresses
get_address_transactionsList address’s transactions
get_auth_infoShow authorization information
get_buyShow a buy
get_buysList buys
get_current_userShow current user
get_depositShow a deposit
get_depositsList deposits
get_payment_methodShow a payment method
get_payment_methodsList payment methods
get_sellShow a sell
get_sellsList sells
get_transactionShow a transaction
get_transactionsList transactions
get_userShow a user
get_withdrawalShow a withdrawal
get_withdrawalsList withdrawals
pretty_jsonWrite json pretty
set_primary_accountSet account as primary
update_accountUpdate account
update_current_userUpdate current user
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