Man pages for zappingseb/rayshaderanimate
A rayshader baded animation of GPX files

bbox_mapPlot a stamenmap from bbox
calc_distanceCalculate the distance between two places in m
define_image_sizeDefine image size variables from the given bounding box...
elevation_data_SchlierseeElevation matrix around Schliersee
el_matElevation matrix around Alpe d Huez
el_mat_eudemElevation matrix around Alpe d Huez from EUDEM
get_arcgis_map_imageDownload a map image from the ArcGIS REST API
get_bbox_from_gpx_tableGet bbox format from gpx file table
get_distance_from_gpx_tableCalculate distance between all points
get_elevdata_from_bboxGenerate an elevation matrix from boundary box
get_elevdata_listGet elevation data labeled for rayshader
get_elevdata_longDerive a long format of elevation data for ggplot
get_enriched_gpx_tableEnrich gpx data with time and speed
get_gpx_table_with_placesAdd places information to GPX table
get_image_overlayDerive an overlay image from ArcGis
get_table_from_gpxGenerate a table from GPX file
places_alpe_de_huezPlaces labeled around Alpe d Huez
places_SchlierseePlaces labeled around Schliersee
plot_2d_animationAnimate GPX line on 2d plot
plot_2d_elevdataPlot a 2D raster of the bbox
unlabel_elevdataUnlabel elevation data matrix for rayshader
video_animationCreate a 3D video with an animated GPX route
video_animation_rayshadeCreate a Rayshader animation of a GPX table
video_util_inflyFunction to move along the rayshader image at first
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