Man pages for zarquon42b/RANTs
Playing with ANTs(R)

antsImage2sitkconvert an antsImage to a SimpleITK image
antsTransformPointsa handy wrapper for antsApplyTransformsToPoints
createAntsArgsinterface to generate arguments for antsRegistration command
DistanceImageCreate a (signed) distance image from surface mesh
getAffineMatconvert an affine transform file, generated by ANTsR to a 4x4...
isosurfaceCreate isosurface from 3D images
itksnapcall itksnap to view an antsImage
landmarkTransformCreate an itk transform from landmarks (rigid, similarity and...
Mesh2ImageCreate a (optionally) binary image from surface mesh
newAntsExampleThis is simply the script as an R function
points2LabelImagecreate a label image from landmark coordinates
sitk2antsImageconvert an SimpleITK image to an antsImage
transform2antsTrafoconvert an affine transform from matrix to antsrTransform
transform2matwrite an affine transform matrix to ITK mat format
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