Man pages for zarquon42b/RResScripts
collection of scripts

checkDirget direction of closed 2D-outline coordinates
checkDirCoomake sure all coordinates of outlines stored in an object of...
checkmatArraycheck if there are pairwise complementary data missing
cholMahapairwise mahalnobis distance
dwdcvleaving one out cross-validation for DWD
ef2cooconvert harmonics to 2D-coordinates
fixitallrun all functions above and select the best version of each...
getEllipsecompute ellipse fitting four points as the extrema
getHarmget harmonics
getNAlistBoolget a list with all rows from an nalist (output from...
get.obj.sizeanalyse memory usage of objects in current workspace
getStartget index of starting point given a close estimate
ggMatvsVarcreate Plot for each column of PCs against var
icp.matrixICP matching for two matrices
nafunArrayfor a 3D-array get a list of vectors indicating lines with...
normEFArun efourier_norm on object of class Coe
pairwiseTPSbased on an array and the result from getNAlistBool map each...
plotCurvesplot Curves generated wiht setCurvature
read.coefread SPHARM coef files
resortCoordresort coordinates based on indices of starting points
setLMset starting point in a list of outlines
spharmComputeA simple wrapper for the command line tools of SPHARM-PDM
spharmParaToMesha wrapper for ParaToSPHARMMeshCLP
write.coefwrite SPHARM coef files
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