Man pages for zarquon42b/RvtkStatismo
Integrating statismo and R using the vtkStandardMeshRepresenter

align2domainalign a sample to a model
BSplineKernelcreate a scalar valued kernel of type BSplineKernel
competingPointsselect the most probable points based on a statistical model
GaussianKernelcreate a scalar valued kernel of type GaussianKernel
getCoordVarget per coordinate variance from a statistical model
getDataLikelihoodcalculate probability/coefficients for a matrix/mesh given a...
GetFullJacobianget Jacobian for all model points or a subset
IsoKernelcreate an isotropic kernel
kernel-classesDocumentation of kernel classes
manageConditioningDataconvert a data.frame or vector of factors into a format...
meshalignalign meshes stored in a list by their vertices
meshlist2arrayconvert meshes to array consisting of vertex coordinates
modelinfo-classDocumentation of class modelinfo
MultiscaleBSplineKernelcreate a scalar valued kernel of type MultiscaleBsplineKernel
pPCAcalculate or modify a probablistic PCA based on...
pPCA-classDocumentation of class pPCA
ppcasettersLow level methods to set pPCA class content
PredictSamplepredict or restrict a mesh or matrix based on a statistical...
ProductKernelsMultiply two kernels
read.fcsvread fiducials from slicer4
removePointsFromModelremove a set of point from a statismo shape model
representer2sampleget the representer from a model of class "pPCA"
restoreSamplesrestores original samples from a model with stored PC-scores
rigidAlignFast Procrustes align of coordinates
RvtkStatismo-packageIntegrating statismo and R using the...
statismoBuildConditionalModelgenerate a statistical model using an array of superimposed...
statismoBuildModelgenerate a statistical model using an array of superimposed...
statismoConstrainModelconstrain a model of class pPCA
statismoConstrainModelSafecalculate a posterior model but only use likely...
statismoGPmodelexpands a models variability by adding a Gaussian kernel...
statismoIOsave and load a statistical model of class pPCA to statismo...
StatismoMatricesGet Matrices from StatisticalModel class
statismoMembersImplementation/Emulation of the statismo StatisticalModel...
statismoModelFromRepresentergenerate model from a representer using gaussian kernels
statismoParametersGet model parameters
statismoReducedVarianceReduce an existing statistical shape model
StatismoSampleRetrieve information about a sample from the model
StatisticalModelKernelCreate empirical StatisticalModelKernel
SumKernelsAdd two kernels
vtkBooleanOprun boolean operations on mesh
vtkExtractOutsideMeshget outer mesh
vtkFillHolesfill holes in triangular mesh
vtkICPIteratively closest point registration
vtkImageBlendBlend two Images using vtkImageBlend
vtkImageResizeResample an image and write to file.
vtkImageTransformTransform an image based on landmark configuration
vtkIOimports vtk, vtp and wrl files containing meshes
vtkMesh2Imageconvert a 3D triangular mesh into a voxel image
vtkMeshInfoget Infos about a triangular mesh
vtkMeshWriteexports a triangular mesh of class mesh3d to a vtp file
vtkSurfaceRekocreate surface from pointcloud
vtkTriangulatecreate Isosurface from image
write.fcsvwrite fiducials in slicer4 format
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