Man pages for zatonovo/futile.matrix
Random Matrix Generation and Manipulation

arrangeOrder matrix elements based on rownames and/or colnames
assign_matrix_denseCreate a matrix from a triplet representation
ctPerform the conjugate transpose of a matrix
cutoffCalculate the upper bound of the noise spectrum
dmatrixGet the density for the given random matrix model
domainGet the bounds of the eigenvalues for the given model
expandExpand a matrix to larger dimensions, filling in new entries
fit.densityFit the eigenvalue spectrum to model
futile.matrix-packageA collection of matrix manipulation functions
peekPeek inside a matrix or vector
print.EnsemblePrint a random matrix ensemble
RandomMatrixModelType constructors for random matrices and ensembles of random...
rcompGenerate random complex numbers
read.matrixRead a sparse matrix from a file and return a matrix
rmatrixGeneration of random matrices
selectSelect a portion of a matrix based on a regular expression of...
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