Man pages for zauster/ormisc
Oliver's personal function collection

codeTimeCode the time
convert.numericTest and convert to numeric
dsetdiffDouble setdiff
fac2charConvert a factor to character
fac2numConvert a factor to a number
getIndExtract a position in a vector
grapes-nin-grapesDifference in sets
losList loaded objects
mergehelpShow corresponding (or not) factor levels
rmallRemove all
sampleviewDisplay a 'n' random rows of a data.frame
seqsumSequential summing
splitDFRowSplit a rows of a data.frame into several ones, using a...
splitDTRowSplit a rows of a data.table into several ones, using a...
stripAttrRemove all attributes from a column of a...
sunSort unique vector
unsetAllAttrRemove all attributes from all columns of a data.table
update_github_pkgsFunction to update packages installed from github
viewTo view a data.frame / data.table in LibreOffice Calc
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