Man pages for zdk123/BatchStARS
Parallel Utilities for Lambda Selection along a Regularization Path

batch.pulsarpulsar: batch mode
estrada.classEstrada class
gcvecGraphlet correlation vector
getEnvirGet calling environment
getLamPathLambda path
getMaxCovMax value of cov
get.opt.indexGet or evaluate an optimal index
getTempDirGenerate a string for a temporary directory
graph.dissGraph dissimilarity
natural.connectivityNatural Connectivity
opt.indexOptimal index
plot.pulsarPlot a 'pulsar' S3 object
print.pulsarPrint a 'pulsar' and 'batch.pulsar' S3 object
print.pulsar.refitPrint a 'pulsar.refit' S3 object
pulsarpulsar: serial or parallel mode
pulsar-functionGraphical model functions for pulsar
pulsar-packageThe pulsar package
refitRefit pulsar model
update.pulsarUpdate a pulsar call
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