Man pages for zdk123/BatchStARS
Parallel Utilities for Lambda Selection along a Regularization Path

batch.pulsarpulsar: batch mode
estrada.classEstrada class
findConfFilefind config file
findTemplateFilefind template file
gcvecGraphlet correlation vector
getEnvirGet calling environment
getLamPathLambda path
getMaxCovMax value of cov
get.opt.indexGet or evaluate an optimal index
graph.dissGraph dissimilarity
natural.connectivityNatural Connectivity
opt.indexOptimal index
plot.pulsarPlot a 'pulsar' S3 object
print.pulsarPrint a 'pulsar' and 'batch.pulsar' S3 object
print.pulsar.refitPrint a 'pulsar.refit' S3 object
pulsarpulsar: serial or parallel mode
pulsar-functionGraphical model functions for pulsar
pulsar-packageThe pulsar package
refitRefit pulsar model
update.pulsarUpdate a pulsar call
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