Man pages for zeehio/condformat
Conditional Formatting in Data Frames

cf_field_to_cssHow to export a cf_field to CSS
cf_field_to_gtableHow to export a cf_field to grob
cf_field_to_latexHow to export cf values to latex
condformatConditional formatting for data frames
condformat2excelWrites the table to an Excel workbook
condformat2grobConverts the table to a grid object
condformat2htmlConverts the table to a htmlTable object
condformat2latexConverts the table to LaTeX code
condformat2widgetConverts the table to a htmlTableWidget
condformat-shinyShiny bindings for condformat
knit_print.condformat_tblPrint method for knitr, exporting to HTML or LaTeX as needed
print.condformat_tblPrints the data frame in an html page and shows it.
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
rule_cssApply a CSS style property as a conditional formatting rule
rule_fill_barFill column with a bar of a length proportional to a value
rule_fill_discreteFill column with discrete colors
rule_fill_gradientFill column with sequential colour gradient
rule_fill_gradient2Fill column with sequential color gradient
rule_text_boldUse bold text if a condition is met
rule_text_colorGive a color to the text according to some expression
show_columnsSelects the variables to be printed
show_rowsSelects the rows to be printed
theme_captionSets the caption of a condformat object
theme_grobCustomizes appearance of condformat object
theme_htmlTableCustomizes appearance of condformat object
theme_htmlWidgetCustomizes appearance of condformat object
theme_kableCustomizes appearance of condformat object
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