Man pages for zhangyuwinnie/RPEXE.RPEXT
This reduced piecewise exponential survival software implements the likelihood ratio test procedure in Han, Schell, and Kim (2009)

bisecBisection algorithm in Beta distribution
dfJAMA Breast cancer
exact_pvalueP-value for the two exponential comparison in Han et...
gamllikLog likelihood from the gamma distribution
gamllik_dataExample data for gamllik
kmKaplan-Meier curve
km_blacksolidKaplan-Meier curve
km_combineComparing two Kaplan Meier curves in one plot
km_logPlot a Kaplan Meier curve in log scale
km_redPlot a Kaplan Meier curve in red
km_redsolidPlot a Kaplan Meier curve in red solid line
kmvalueObtain values for Kaplan-Meier plotting
loopcut_onestep_dataExample data for loopcut_onestep
loopcutsChange-point p-values with backward elimination
loopcuts_cutExample data for loopcuts_cuttimes
loopcuts_onestepChange-point p-values at given time points
loopcuts_t_cExample data for loopcut_times_censoring
loopcuts_umbrellaChange-point p-values with backward elimination under...
loopcuts_umbrella_cuttimes_monoExample data for loopcut_umbrella
pava_dfrPAVA order restriction under decreasing failure rate (DFR)
pava_dfrdExample data for pava
pava_ifrPAVA order restriction under decreasing failure rate (DFR)
pexeestRPEXE estimate given change-points
pexeest_times_censoringExample data for pexeest_times_censoring
RPEXEv1_2RPEXE main function
simpleNone Small Cell Lung cancer data
t100Example data for pexeest_tx
totaltesttotal time on test
umbrellaUmbrella alternative.
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