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Datasets, functions and examples from the book: R Data Analysis-Methods and Application (in chinese)by Kuangnan Fang et al

clickDataset of Web hits in chapter15
consumption_incomeDataset of income and consumption in chapter12
CTGDataset of fetal state
douglasDataset of argiculture production in chapter12
EDAFunction of 'Exploratory Data Analysis'
fairDataset of fairmodel study in chapter15
fiscal_revenueDataset of national revenue in chapter11
GQtestFunction of 'Goldfeld-Quandt test' for different variance
gradeDataset of grade in chapter13
graduate_applyDataset of graduate application in chapter14
grainproductDataset of grain production in chapter12
happyDataset of happiness in chapter14
heart_maxrateDataset of age and maxrate in chapter10
height_weightDataset of students'height and weight in chapter6
importS_GDPDataset of china's imports demand and total output...
income_payDataset of income and expenditure in chapter10
income_pay_villageDataset of average income and consumption of village...
investmentDataset of investment in chapter10
listed_companyDataset of listed company in chapter13
math_statDataset of students' math and stat score in chapter6
median_testFunction of 'median test',and similar to the rank.
medicionDataset of population and medicion institutions in sichuan...
plantarea_outputvalueDataset of agritural plant output and area in chapter11
plantgrowthDataset of growth of plant in chapter8
plot3DFunction of 'Plot Three Dimensional Graph'
proptestFunction of 'Proportion Hypothesis Test'
RDADatasets, functions and examples from the book:R Data...
revenue_taxDataset of national revenue and tax 1985s-2001s in chapter6
shipDataset of five kinds of ship accidents in chapter15
taxDataset of national tax revenue 1978s-2012s in chapter10
travelDataset of national travel revenue 1994s-2003s in chapter10
treamentDataset of treament, a kind of censored data, in chapter15
u_testFunction of testing for 'Mean of Norm Distribution' where...
var_testFunction of 'Variance Test' for single sample
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