Man pages for zhaoy/zhaoy
Miscellaneous Functions

c_assertCheck assertions about data
export_excelExport data-frames as Microsoft Excel files
export_featherExport data-frames as Feather files
export_rdsExport data-frames as rds files
i_dfConvert upper-case English characters to lower-case
i_excelImport Microsoft Excel files
i_featherImport Feather files
import_excelImport Microsoft Excel files
import_featherImport Feather files
import_rdsImport rds files
lc_dfConvert upper-case English characters to lower-case
lz_idLeading Zeros in Medical Record Numbers (MRNs)
pathConvert relative file-paths to absolute
s_cross_n2- or 3-way frequency tables of counts
s_cross_np2- or 3-way frequency tables
s_cross_p2- or 3-way frequency tables of percents
s_modeStatistical mode
s_sSummary Statistics
s_uniqueFrequency of unique values
tidy_activityTidy Provide Enterprise activity data.
tidy_adapTidy Provide Enterprise ADAP data.
tidy_lab_peTidy Provide Enterprise laboratory data.
tidy_provider_relationshipTidy xovide Enterxise provider-relationship data.
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