Man pages for zhaoy/zhaoy
Custom Functions

export_featherWrite data-frames to Feather files.
import_dfConvert data-frame characters to lower-case.
import_excelRead xls and xlsx files.
import_featherRead Feather files.
lz_idLeading Zeros in Epic ID Numbers
new_rOpen a .R template.
new_rmdOpen a .Rmd template.
s_modeStatistical Mode
s_sSummary Statistics
s_uniqueUnique Values
tidy_peaTidy Provide Enterprise activity data.
tidy_pelTidy Provide Enterprise laboratory data.
zhaoy_lz_idLeading Zeros in Epic ID Numbers
zhaoy_s_modeStatistical Mode
zhaoy_s_sSummary Statistics
zhaoy_tolowerCharacter Lower Case
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