Man pages for zief0002/QME
Classic test theory item analysis

analyzeGenerate basic psychometrics from data and key
coef_alphaCoefficient Alpha
distractor_analysisPerform distractor analysis for QMEtest object
distractor_reportDistractor report
guttman_l2Guttman's Lambda_2 (L2) Reliability Coefficient
is_valid_simple_keyUtility functions to test validity of key.
item_levelPerform item level analysis for QMEtest object
mathItem-level scores for 30 students on a math test
math_full_keyFull key for 'math' dataset
math_keySimple key for 'math' dataset
QME_shinyOpen QME shiny app
QMEtestCreate QMEtest objects
reliabilityCalculate reliability for QMEtest object
reportCreate a test report
test_info_outOutputs basic test-level information
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