Man pages for zktuong/kelvinny
Kelvinny does what a Kelvin does

codonconverts codon nucleotide sequences to amino acids
createDirshortcut to create directory
dirCreateshortcut to create directory
gg_color_hueGenerate default ggplot colour palette depending on the...
init_Kelvinnydocumenting kelvinny shortcut
kelvinnyshortcut to initiate building of kelvinny
parse_gmtparse gmt file format as gmx
pbcopya quick copy to/paste from clipboard. function
plotHeatPlotting a heatmap using pheatmap
predScSimilarityPredicts scRNA-seq data from trained multinomial cv.glmnet...
RFclassifierRandom Forest Classifcation for single-cell expression data...
RFpredictorRandom Forest Classifcation for single-cell expression data...
test_model_glmnetPredicting new data using trained glmnet model
train_model_glmnetTraining a glmnet model for binomial prediction.
trainScSimilarityTrains scRNA-seq data to be used as binomial...
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