Man pages for zmzhang/baselineWavelet
baseline correction by wavelet and Whittaker Smooth algorithms

baselineCorrectionCWTbackground fitting via penalized least squares algorithm
baselineWaveletIntelligent background-correction algorithm for highly...
cwtContinuous Wavelet Transform (CWT)
exampleMSSELDI-TOF spectra with known polypeptide positions
extendLengthExtend the length of a signal or matrix
extendNBaseExtend the row number of a matrix as the exponential of base...
getLocalMaximumCWTIdentify the local maximum of each column in 2-D CWT...
getRidgeIdentify ridges based on the local maximum matrix
getRidgeLengthEstimate the length of the ridge
getRidgeValueGet the CWT coefficient values corresponding to the peak...
identifyMajorPeaksIdentify peaks based on the ridges in 2-D CWT coefficient...
localMaximumIdentify local maximum within a slide window.
plotRidgeListPlot the ridge list
plotwidthEstimationPlot the estimation of peak width based on the CWT
ramanRaman spectra of Prednisone Acetate Tablets
WhittakerSmoothWhittaker Smoother
widthEstimationCWTestimation of peak width based on the CWT
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