Man pages for zoevanhavre/Zmix
Overfitted Gaussian mixture models with an unknown number of components.

dDirichletA dDirichlet Function
layOutUtility for plotting multiple plots in one frame
maxZProcessing output
multiplotMultiplot function and ggplot2
permutationsAll permutations given size
PostPredFunkPostProcessing: Predictive function. Used in main...
Process_Output_ZmixProcess the output of Zmix_univ_tempered
rdirichletA Dirichlet Function
rinvgammaDraw from Inverse Gamma
sim1funcSim 1 function
sim2EASYfuncSim 2 k EASY
sim2funcSim 2 function
sim3funcSim 3 function
sim4funcSim 4 function
sim5funcSim 5 function
sim6funcSim 6 function
simMeSim Big function
SimpleSwitchMVNThis function fixes the label switching in the output of a...
simudZSimulate data from a Univariate normal Mixture
trimittrim univariate gibbs output
ZaggProcessing output of label switching function
Zmix_univ_temperedRun Gibbs sampler with prior tempering for univariate...
ZswitchLabel switch fix for Univariate Normals
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