Man pages for zsmith27/BAP
NYSDEC Benthic Macroinvertebrate IBI

all_metricsCalculate All Metrics
bap_jabBAP Jab
bap_mp_nav_watersBAP Multiple-Plate Samples Navigable Waters
bap_mp_non_nav_waterBAP Multiple-Plate Samples Non-Navigable Waters
bap_ponarBAP Ponar
bap_riffleBAP Riffle
calc.isdCalculate All of the ISD Models
data_prepPrepare the Data
ept_richEPT Richness Excluding Tolerant Taxa
event_prepCreate an Event_ID
group_richVector of taxa richness for a specific list of taxa
isd.funcISD Base Function
isd.modelsISD Models
isd_prepISD Preparation
pct_acid_tolAcid Tolerance Index (ATI)
pct_dom3Percentage of the 3rd Dominant Family
pct_rich_ephem_epeorusPercent Ephemeroptera Richness minus Epeorus
pct_taxonPercentage of a Taxon
pmaPercent Model Affinity (PMA)
pma_ponarPonar Percent Model Affinity (PMA)
prep_master_taxaPrepare Master Taxa List
rich_ephemeropteraEphemeroptera Richness
rich_ncoNon-Chironomidae and Oligochaeta Taxa Richness
score_ept_jabScore EPT Richness (Jab)
score_ept_mp_nav_waterScore EPT Richness (Multiple-Plate Navigable Waters)
score_ept_mp_non_nav_waterScore EPT Richness (Multiple-Plate Non-Navigable Waters)
score_ept_riffleScore EPT Richness (Riffle)
score_hbi_jabScore HBI (Jab)
score_hbi_mp_nav_waterScore HBI (Multiple-Plate Navigable Waters)
score_hbi_mp_non_nav_waterScore HBI (Multiple-Plate Non-Navigable Waters)
score_hbi_ponarScore HBI (Ponar)
score_hbi_riffleScore HBI (Riffle)
score_nbip_riffleScore NBI-P (Riffle)
score_nco_jabScore NCO Richness (Jab)
score_pct_dom3_ponarScore Percent DOM-3 (Ponar)
score_pma_ponarScore PMA (Ponar)
score_pma_riffleScore PMA (Riffle)
score_rich_jabScore Richness (Jab)
score_rich_mp_nav_waterScore Richness (Multiple-Plate Navigable Waters)
score_rich_mp_non_nav_waterScore Richness (Multiple-Plate Non-Navigable Waters)
score_rich_ponarScore Richness (Ponar)
score_rich_riffleScore Richness (Riffle)
score_shannon_mp_nav_waterScore Shannon-Wiener Diversity (Multiple-Plate Navigable...
score_shannon_mp_non_nav_waterScore Shannon-Wiener Diversity (Multiple-Plate Non-Navigable...
score_shannon_ponarScore Shannon-Wiener Diversity (Ponar)
taxa_prepPrepare the Taxonomic Count Data
taxa_prep2Prepare the Taxonomic Count Data
taxa_prep3Prepare the Taxonomic Count Data
tol_indexTolerance Indices (Hilsenhoff, NBI_P, NBI_N)
wideWide Data Frame Transform taxa count data from long to wide...
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