Man pages for zwdzwd/wheatmap
Incrementally Build Complex Plots using Natural Semantics

AddWGroupAdd a plotting object to a group
both.clusterrow- and column-cluster a matrix
BottomLeftOfBottom left of
BottomRightOfBottom right of
CalcTextBoundingCalculate Text Bounding
CalcTextBounding.WHeatmapCalculate Texting Bounding for WHeatmap
CMParColor Map Parameters
ColorMapConstructor for ColoMap object
column.clustercolumn cluster a matrix
darkjet.stopsdarker jet color stops
FromAffineConvert from affine coordinates to absolute coordinates
getdimGet dimensions
grid.dendrogramDraw dendrogram under grid system
GroupCheckNameUniqueCheck whether group names are unique
GroupDeepGetGet an plotting object from a group's descendants
jet.stopsjet color stops
lyshow layout
MapToContinuousColorsmap data to continuous color
MapToDiscreteColorsmap data to discrete color
plus-.WObjectmerge plotting objects
print.WDendrogramprint a dendrogram
print.WGeneratorprint a WGenerator
print.WGGplot WGG object
print.WGrobplot WGrob object
print.WGroupDraw WGroup
print.WHeatmapplot WHeatmap
print.WLabelprint WLabel
print.WRectprint WRect
ResolveResolve name to object
row.clusterrow cluster a matrix
ScaleGroupScale group
sub-.WGroupsubset WGroup
ToAffineConvert from absolute coordinates to affine coordinates
TopLeftOfTop left of
TopOfTop of
TopRightOfTop right of
WColumnBindcolumn bind non-overlapping objects
WCustomizeCustomize an existing plot
WDendrogramWDendrogram class
WDimclass WDim
WGGWGG object form ggplot with coordinates
WGrobWGrob object plot from a gList of grob objects
WGroupConstruct a WGroup
WHeatmapWHeatmap object
WLabelconstruct a WLabel
WMatrixplot multiple figures in a matrix
WObjectConstruct a WObject
WPositionplace an arbitrary position w.r.t a subplot
WRectconstruct a WRect
WRowBindrow bind non-overlapping objects
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