Man pages for zzawadz/customLayout
Arrange Elements on the R's Drawing Area or Inside the PowerPoint's Slide

lay_bind_colTake two Layout objects and combine by rows.
lay_bind_rowTake two Layout objects and combine by rows.
lay_gridUse Layout object with grid graphics.
lay_newCreate custom layout.
lay_setSet custom layout.
lay_showPrint the layout structure to the graphical device.
lay_split_fieldSplit a selected field from layout using a schema from...
phl_adjust_tableCreate flextable for layout's placeholder.
phl_calc_fontsizeCalculate optimal fontsize and height of the cell for given...
phl_layoutCreate layout for the officer PowerPoint slide.
phl_with_flextableadd flextable into layout placeholder
phl_with_ggadd ggplot into layout placeholder
phl_with_plotadd plot into layout placeholder
phl_with_tableadd table into layout placeholder
phl_with_textadd text into layout placeholder
phl_with_vgadd a plot as vector graphics into layout placeholder
print.CustomLayoutPrint a CustomLayout object.
print.OfficerCustomLayoutPrint a OfficerCustomLayout object.
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