Man pages for CALIBERdrugdose
Extract Drug Dose From Unstructured Dosage Text

addtermAdd a Single Row to a Lookup Table
as.drugdose_lookupsImport or Convert a drugdose_lookups Table
as.drugdose_multiwordsImport or Convert a drugdose_multiwords Table
as.drugdose_patternsImport or Convert a drugdose_patterns Table
as.drugdose_singlewordsImport or convert a drugdose_singlewords table
CALIBERdoseconvert-packageExtract Drug Dose From Unstructured Dosage Text
doseconvertConvert a Set of Dosage Texts to Structured Dosage...
exportExport Dictionary Lookup Tables
interpretConvert a Single Dosage Text to Structured Dosage Information
lookupsLookups Table
multiwordsMultiwords Lookup Table for Simplifying a Dosage Text
patternsPatterns Lookup Table for Extracting Components of Dosage...
singlewordsLookup Table for Replacing Individual Words
testdoseconvertTest the Dose Conversion Program Against a Set of Texts With...
testsetTestset: Gold Standard Interpreted Drug Dosages for Testing
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