Man pages for
Import, manipulate and analyze data from the Massachusetts CANS tool

CA_nameCA name
CANSworks-packageManipulate and analyze CANS data
check_CANS_exportcheck CANS export
check_multiple_CANS_exportscheck multiple CANS exports
copy_to_xlcopy to xl
days_since_first_assessmentdays since first assessment
get_one_CANS_per_personget one CANS per person
make_dx_groupsmake dx groups
make_model_formulamake model formula
paste_from_xlpaste from xl
plot_cansPlot a series of CANS outcomes for a random sample of...
rating_ctsrating cts
rating.summaryrating summary
read_cansread cans
recode_dxrecode dx
replace_factor_with_random_idreplace factor with random id
sample_canssample cans
select_itemsselect items
select_personsSelect persons by number of observations
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