Man pages for DAMisc
Dave Armstrong's Miscellaneous Functions

aclpExample data for btscs function
aveEffPlotAverage Effect Plot for Generalized Linear Models
BGMtestTests the five Berry, Golder and Milton (2012) Interactive...
binfitScalar Measures of Fit for Binary Variable Models
btscsGenerate Spells for Binary Variables
cat2TableFitted Values and CIs for 2-Categorical Interactions
crSpanTestTest of Span Parameter in linearity for Component + Residual...
crTestTest of linearity for Component + Residual Plots
DAintfunSurface Plots for Two-Way Interactions
DAintfun2Conditional Effects Plots for Interactions in Linear Models
DAMisc-packageDave Armstrong's Miscellaneous Functions
franceExample data for factorplot function
glmChangeMaximal First Differences for Generalized Linear Models
glmChange2Maximal First Differences for Generalized Linear Models
intEffFunctions for Estimating Interaction Effects in Logit and...
InteractionExExample Data for DAintfun
intQualQuantPredictions for Factor-Numeric Interactions in Linear Models
logit_ccFunctions for Estimating Interaction Effects in Logit and...
mnlSigPrint Statistically Significant MNL Coefficients
multiChangeMaximal First Differences for Multinomial Logistic Regression...
ordChangeMaximal First Differences for Proportional Odds Logistic...
outXTCreate LaTeX or CSV versions of an Object Produced by...
panel.2catLattice panel function for confidence intervals with capped...
panel.ciLattice panel function for confidence intervals
poisGOFDeviance and Chi-squared Goodness-of-Fit Test for Poisson...
preProportional and Expected Proportional Reductions in Error
prepanel.ciLattice prepanel function for confidence intervals
print.prePrint method for objects of class pre
scaleDataFrameStandardize quantitative variables in a data frame
searchVarLabelsSearch Variable Labels Attribute
simPredpolrCalculate Predictions for Proportional Odds Logistic...
ziChangeMaximal First Differences for Zero-Inflated Models
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