DCluster: Functions for the Detection of Spatial Clusters of Diseases

A set of functions for the detection of spatial clusters of disease using count data. Bootstrap is used to estimate sampling distributions of statistics.

AuthorVirgilio Gmez-Rubio, Juan Ferrndiz-Ferragud and Antonio Lpez-Qulez, with contributions by Roger Bivand.
Date of publication2015-03-16 23:30:51
MaintainerVirgilio Gmez-Rubio <Virgilio.Gomez@uclm.es>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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Man pages

achisq: Another Implementation of Pearson's Chi-square Statistic

achisq.boot: Bootstrap Replicates of Pearson's Chi-square Statistic

achisq.stat: Another Implementation of Pearson's Chi-square Statistic

besagnewell: Besag and Newell's Statistic for Spatial Clustering

besagnewell.boot: Generate Boostrap Replicates of Besag and Newell's Statistic

besagnewell.stat: Besag and Newell's Statistic for Spatial Clustering

bn.iscluster: Clustering Function for Besag and Newell's Method

calculate.mle: Calculate Parameters Involved in Sampling Procedures

DCluster: A Package for the Detection of Spatial Clusters of Diseases...

dcluster.test: Class for Results from a Test for the Detection of Disease...

dean_test: Likelihood Ratio Test and Dean's Tests for Overdispertion

empbaysmooth: Empirical Bayes Smoothing

gearyc: Geary's C Autocorrelation Statistic

gearyc.boot: Generate Bootstrap Replicates of Geary's C Autocorrelation...

gearyc.stat: Compute Geary's C Autocorrelation Statistic

get.knclusters: Get Areas in a Cluster Detected with Kulldorff's Statistic

kn.iscluster: Clustering Function for Kulldorff and Nagarwalla's Statistic

kullnagar: Kulldorff and Nagarwalla's Statistic for Spatial Clustering.

kullnagar.boot: Generate Bootstrap Replicates of Kulldorff and Nagarwalla's...

kullnagar.stat: Kulldorff and Nagarwalla's Statistic for Spatial Clustering.

lognormalEB: Empirical Bayes Smoothing Using a log-Normal Model

moranI: Moran's I Autocorrelation Statistic

moranI.boot: Generate Bootstrap Replicates of Moran's I Autocorrelation...

moranI.stat: Compute Moran's I Autocorrelation Statistic

observed.sim: Randomly Generate Observed Cases from Different Statistical...

opgam: Openshaw's GAM

opgam.iscluster.default: Local Clustering Test Function

pkg-internal: Internal Functions in the DCluster Package.

pottwhitt: Potthoff-Whittinghill's Statistic for Overdispersion

pottwhitt.boot: Bootstrap Replicates of Potthoff-Whittinghill's Statistic

pottwhitt.stat: Compute Potthoff-Whittinghill's Statistic

rmultin: Generate Random Observations from a Multinomial Distribution

stone: Stone's Test

stone.boot: Generate Boostrap Replicates of Stone's Statistic

stone.stat: Compute Stone's Statistic

tango: Tango's Statistic for General Clustering

tango.boot: Generate Bootstrap Replicated of Tango's Statistic

tango.stat: Compute Tango's Statistic for General Clustering

whittermore: Whittermore's Statistic

whittermore.boot: Generate Bootstrap Replicates of Whittermore's Statistic

whittermore.stat: Compute Whittermore's Statistic


achisq Man page
achisq.boot Man page
achisq.pboot Man page
achisq.stat Man page
achisq.test Man page
besagnewell Man page
besagnewell.boot Man page
besagnewell.pboot Man page
besagnewell.stat Man page
bn.iscluster Man page
calculate.mle Man page
DCluster Man page
DeanB Man page
DeanB2 Man page
dotest Man page
empbaysmooth Man page
gearyc Man page
gearyc.boot Man page
gearyc.pboot Man page
gearyc.stat Man page
gearyc.test Man page
get.knclusters Man page
kn.gumbel.iscluster Man page
kn.iscluster Man page
kullnagar Man page
kullnagar.boot Man page
kullnagar.pboot Man page
kullnagar.stat Man page
kullnagar.stat.bern Man page
kullnagar.stat.poisson Man page
lognormalEB Man page
moranI Man page
moranI.boot Man page
moranI.pboot Man page
moranI.stat Man page
moranI.test Man page
multinom.sim Man page
negbin.sim Man page
opgam Man page
opgam.intern Man page
opgam.iscluster.default Man page
opgam.iscluster.negbin Man page
plot.dcluster Man page
poisson.sim Man page
pottwhitt Man page
pottwhitt.boot Man page
pottwhitt.pboot Man page
pottwhitt.stat Man page
pottwhitt.test Man page
print.dcluster Man page
rmultin Man page
stone Man page
stone.boot Man page
stone.pboot Man page
stone.stat Man page
stone.test Man page
summary.dcluster Man page
tango Man page
tango.boot Man page
tango.pboot Man page
tango.stat Man page
tango.test Man page
test.nb.pois Man page
whittermore Man page
whittermore.boot Man page
whittermore.pboot Man page
whittermore.stat Man page
whittermore.test Man page


R/achisq.boot.R R/achisq.pboot.R R/achisq.stat.R R/besagnewell.boot.R R/besagnewell.pboot.R R/besagnewell.stat.R R/calculate.mle.R R/dcluster.test.R R/dean_test.R R/empbaysmooth.R R/gearyc.boot.R R/gearyc.pboot.R R/gearyc.stat.R R/get.knclusters.R R/kn.gumbel.iscluster.R R/kullnagar.boot.R R/kullnagar.pboot.R R/kullnagar.stat.R R/lognormalEB.R R/moranI.boot.R R/moranI.pboot.R R/moranI.stat.R R/multinom.sim.R R/negbin.sim.R R/opgam.R R/poisson.sim.R R/pottwhitt.boot.R R/pottwhitt.pboot.R R/pottwhitt.stat.R R/rmultin.R R/stone.boot.R R/stone.pboot.R R/stone.stat.R R/tango.boot.R R/tango.pboot.R R/tango.stat.R R/whittermore.boot.R R/whittermore.pboot.R R/whittermore.stat.R
man/DCluster.Rd man/achisq.Rd man/achisq.boot.Rd man/achisq.stat.Rd man/besagnewell.Rd man/besagnewell.boot.Rd man/besagnewell.stat.Rd man/bn.iscluster.Rd man/calculate.mle.Rd man/dcluster.test.Rd man/dean_test.Rd man/empbaysmooth.Rd man/gearyc.Rd man/gearyc.boot.Rd man/gearyc.stat.Rd man/get.knclusters.Rd man/kn.iscluster.Rd man/kullnagar.Rd man/kullnagar.boot.Rd man/kullnagar.stat.Rd man/lognormalEB.Rd man/moranI.Rd man/moranI.boot.Rd man/moranI.stat.Rd man/observed.sim.Rd man/opgam.Rd man/opgam.iscluster.default.Rd man/pkg-internal.Rd man/pottwhitt.Rd man/pottwhitt.boot.Rd man/pottwhitt.stat.Rd man/rmultin.Rd man/stone.Rd man/stone.boot.Rd man/stone.stat.Rd man/tango.Rd man/tango.boot.Rd man/tango.stat.Rd man/whittermore.Rd man/whittermore.boot.Rd man/whittermore.stat.Rd

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