Man pages for DeadCanMove
Assess How Spatial Roadkill Patterns Change with Temporal Sampling Scheme

binary.comparisonBinary comparison
binary.comp.methodsBinary comparison methods
DeadCanMove-packageAssess How Spatial Roadkill Patterns Change with Temporal...
getBoxplotsGet boxplots
hotspot.numbersHotspot numbers
hotspotsCalculate roadkill hotspots
hotspots.comparisonHotspots comparison
jumping.windowJumping window
plotEventCorrsPlot correlations between events in each subsampling dataset...
repl.hs.compReplicate hotspot comparison
roadkillsImaginary roadkill data
schemeCorrsScheme correlations
sequential.corrSequential correlation
sequential.estimateNSequential estimate N
sequential.hotspotsCalculate roadkill hotspots for a series of (sub)sampling...
sequential.NeventsSequential numbers of events
sequential.posteriorNSequential posterior N
sequential.seqsubmatSequential sequential.submatrix
sequential.submatrixExtract subsampling matrices for a series of subsampling...
submatrixExtract a submatrix for a given taxomic group and/or sampling...
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