Man pages for DiagnosisMed
Diagnostic test accuracy evaluation for health professionals

AC1Gwet's AC1 inter-rater statistic for 2 raters special case.
binom.CIConfidence intervals for binomial counts or proportions
diagnosisDiagnostic test accuracy evaluation
displayDiagnostic tests display with forest plots.
LRgraphComparing diagnositic tests: a simple graphic using...
np.auROCcArea under the receiver operating characteristic (ROC) curve
QA.plotQuality assesment or Risk of Bias plot for systematic reviews
rocdataExample data set for continuos tests results
SSROC analysis - Sensitivity and Specificity trade-off
TGROCTGROC - Two Graphic Receiver Operating Characteristic
thresholdsCollection of functions to estimate decision thresholds for...
tutorialExample data set for continuos tests results.
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