Man pages for DistributionUtils
Distribution Utilities

besselRatioRatio of Bessel K Functions
distCalcRangeRange of a Unimodal Distribution
distIneqMassartMassart Inequality for Distributions
distIneqMassartPlotMassart Inequality Plot Function
distModeMode of a Unimodal Distribution
DistributionUtils-internalInternal Distribution Utilities Functions
DistributionUtils-packageUtility functions useful for all distributions in packages...
distStepSizeStep Size for Calculating the Range of a Unimodal...
incompleteBesselKThe Incomplete Bessel K Function
integrateDensIntegrates a Density Function
inversionTestsInversion Tests for Distributions
is.wholenumberIs Object Numeric and Whole Numbers
logHistPlot Log-Histogram
momChangeAboutObtain Moments About a New Location
momIntegratedMoments Using Integration
momSEStandard Errors of Sample Moments
moranTestMoran's Log Spacings Test
pDistDistribution and Quantile Functions for Unimodal...
safeIntegrateSafe Integration of One-Dimensional Functions
sampleMomentsSample Skewness and Kurtosis
tailPlotTail Plot Functions
tsHessianCalculate Two-Sided Hessian Approximation
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