Man pages for EcoHydRology
A Community Modeling Foundation for EcoHydrology

alter_filesA function to alter files called from swat_objective_function
AtmosphericEmissivityAtmospheric Emissivity
BaseflowSeparationBaseflow Separation
build_gsod_forcing_dataParsing gzipped GSOD dataset.
calib_swat_exA function demostrate an example series of steps to calibrate...
change_paramsExample dataframe of parameters, ranges, and search strings...
ConvertFlowUnitsUnit conversion for flow rates
declinationSolar Declination
EcoHydRology-packageA Community Modeling Foundation for Eco-Hydrology
EnvirEnergyThe Surface Net Energy Budget
EstCloudinessEstimated Cloudiness
EvapHeatEvaporative heat exchange between a wet surface and the...
get_cfsr_latlonThis is a funciton to grab daily summaries of the CFSR from...
get_gsod_stnObtain Global Summary of Day data
get_usgs_gageA function to grab daily stream flow measurements from the...
GroundHeatHeat conducted to the bottom of a snowpack
hydrographPlot a hydrograph
LongwaveDaily Longwave Radiation
Lumped_VSA_modelLumped Variable Source Area (VSA) Watershed Model
NetRadDaily Net Radiation
OwascoInletOwasco Inlet data
PET_fromTempPriestley-Taylor Potential Evapotranspiration from...
PotentialSolarPotential Solar Radiation
PotSolarInstInstantaneous Potential Solar Radiation
PTpetPriestley-Taylor potential evapotranspiration
RainHeatHeat from Rain
RunoffBreakdownDaily overland runoff breakdown
SatVaporDensitySaturated Vapor Density
SatVaporPressureSaturated Vapor Pressure
SatVapPresSlopeSlope of the relationship between Saturation Vapor Pressure...
SensibleHeatSensible Heat Exchange
setup_swatcalA function to setup a swat calibration
slopefactorSlope Factor
SnowMeltSnow Melt Calculator
SoilStorageCalculating S in the Curve Number Equation from soil water...
SolarSolar Radiation
solarangleSolar Angle
SWAT2012This runs the SWAT2012 executable in the current directory.
swat_generalAll files required for a general SWAT run.
swat_objective_functionA simple example objective function to be modified by user
swat_objective_function_rchAn example objective function for calibrating SWAT2005 model.
testSWAT2012A function to test the numerical correctness of the SWAT2012...
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