FLCore: Core package of FLR, fisheries modelling in R.

FLCore contains the core classes and methods for FLR, a framework for fisheries modelling and management strategy simulation in R. Developed by a team of fisheries scientists in various countries. More information can be found at http://flr-project.org/, including a development mailing list.

AuthorFLR Team and various contributors. Initial design by Laurence T. Kell & Philippe Grosjean.
Date of publication2013-04-25 16:02:31
MaintainerFLR Team <flr-team@flr-project.org>

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Man pages

AIC: Akaike information criterion (AIC) method

apply: Method apply

Arith: Arithmetic methods for FLQuant objects

as.data.frame: Method as.data.frame

asOld: Old S3 coercion methods

BIC: Bayesian information criterion (BIC) method

bkey: Generate key for bubbles plot

bubbles: Bubbles plot

catchNames: Method catchNames

ccplot: Catch-curves plot

coerce: Method coerce

computeCatch: Methods to compute total catch, landings, discards and stock...

createFLAccesors: Create accesor methods for a given class

cv: Coefficient of Variation of FLR objects with multiple...

data: FLCore datasets

dimnames: Modify dimnames of an FLQuant

dims: List with information on object dimensions

expand: Trim FLR objects using named dimensions

Extract: Extract or Replace Parts of an FLR Object

fbar: Calculates mean harvest rate or fishing mortality

FLArray-class: Class FLArray

FLBiol-class: Class FLBiol

FLBiols-class: Class FLBiols

flc2flq: Coerce FLCohort into FLQuant.

FLCatch-accessors: Accesor and replacement methods for the FLCatch class

FLCatch-class: Class FLCatch

FLCatches-class: Class FLCatches

FLCohort-class: Class FLCohort

FLCohorts-class: Class FLCohorts

FLComp-class: Class FLComp

FLCore-accesors: Accesor and replacement methods for complex S4 classes

FLCore-internal: FLCore-internal

FLCore-package: Core package of FLR, fisheries modelling in R.

FLFleet-class: Class FLFleet

FLFleets-class: Class FLFleets

FLIndex-class: Class FLIndex

FLIndices-class: Class FLIndices

FLlst-class: Class FLlst

FLMetier-class: Class FLMetier

FLMetiers-class: Class FLMetiers

FLModel-class: Class FLModel for statistical models

FLPar-class: Class FLPar

FLQuant-class: FLQuant class for numerical data

FLQuantPoint-accesors: Method lowq

FLQuantPoint-class: Class FLQuantPoint

FLQuants-class: Class FLQuants

FLQuantSums: Methods to compute sums, means and vars of FLQuant objects

FLQuantTotals: Method quantTotals

FLSR-class: Class FLSR

FLStock-class: Class FLStock

FLStocks-class: Class FLStocks

FLtest: FLtest functions for running simple units tests

fmle: Method fmle

harvest: Harvest calculations for FLBiol

IOfunctions: Input/Output of FLR objects

is.FL: Methods to determine the class of a given object

iter: Select or modify iterations of an FLR object

iters: Method iters

jacknife: Jacknife resampling

lapply: Method lapply

lattice: Lattice plots

leslie: Method for calculating Leslie matrix dynamics of an FLBiol...

limits: Methods upper and lower

lowess: Method lowess

mcf: Method mcf

mean: Method mean

mean.lifespan: Method for calculating mean lifespan, given the natural...

median: Method median

mergeFL: Merging FLStock objects

metier: Method metier

model.frame: Method model.frame

names: Method names

nls: Method nls

plot: Method plot

predict: Method predict

print: Method print

propagate: Extend an FLQuant along the iter dimension

pv: Population variability

qapply: Method qapply

quant: Method quant

quantile: Method quantile

r: Intrinsic rate of increase from an FLBiol object

range: Method range

revenue: Method revenue

rgamma: Method rgamma

rlnorm: Method rlnorm

rnorm: Method rnorm

rpois: Method rpois

sd: Standard deviation of an FLModel object

setPlusGroup: Method setPlusGroup

show: Method show

sop: Calculates the sum of products correction

splom: Method splom

spr0: Method spr0

sr: Stock-recruitment model function

SRModelName: Convenience function to identify an SR model by its formula

SRModels: Stock-Recruitment models

ssb: Method ssb

ssbpurec: Method ssbpurec

ssn: Method ssn

summary: Method summary

survprob: Calculating survival probabilties given mortality in the...

sweep: Sweep out FLQuant Summaries

transform: Transform elements of a complex FLR object

trim: Trim FLR objects using named dimensions

units: units attribute for FLQuant objects

update: Method update

var: Variance of an FLPar

window: Extract time (year) windows of an FLR object

Files in this package

FLCore/R/FLArray.R FLCore/R/FLBiol.R FLCore/R/FLCatch.R FLCore/R/FLCohort.R FLCore/R/FLComp.R FLCore/R/FLFleet.R FLCore/R/FLGrowth.R FLCore/R/FLIndex.R FLCore/R/FLMetier.R FLCore/R/FLModel.R FLCore/R/FLModelDeriv.R FLCore/R/FLPar.R FLCore/R/FLQuant.R FLCore/R/FLQuantJK.R FLCore/R/FLQuantPoint.R FLCore/R/FLQuants.R FLCore/R/FLSR.R FLCore/R/FLStock.R FLCore/R/FLlst-class.R FLCore/R/FLlst-methods.R FLCore/R/FLtest.R FLCore/R/PlotDiagnostics.R FLCore/R/SRmodels.R FLCore/R/classesArr.R FLCore/R/classesComp.R FLCore/R/coerce.R FLCore/R/genericMethods.R FLCore/R/io.ADMB.R FLCore/R/io.Adapt.R FLCore/R/io.FLIndices.R FLCore/R/io.FLStock.R FLCore/R/io.MFCL.R FLCore/R/io.VPA2Box.R FLCore/R/io.VPAsuite.R FLCore/R/operators.R FLCore/R/zzz.R
FLCore/man/AIC.Rd FLCore/man/Arith.Rd FLCore/man/BIC.Rd FLCore/man/Extract.Rd FLCore/man/FLArray-class.Rd FLCore/man/FLBiol-class.Rd FLCore/man/FLBiols-class.Rd FLCore/man/FLCatch-accessors.Rd FLCore/man/FLCatch-class.Rd FLCore/man/FLCatches-class.Rd FLCore/man/FLCohort-class.Rd FLCore/man/FLCohorts-class.Rd FLCore/man/FLComp-class.Rd FLCore/man/FLCore-accesors.Rd FLCore/man/FLCore-internal.Rd FLCore/man/FLCore-package.Rd FLCore/man/FLFleet-class.Rd FLCore/man/FLFleets-class.Rd FLCore/man/FLIndex-class.Rd FLCore/man/FLIndices-class.Rd FLCore/man/FLMetier-class.Rd FLCore/man/FLMetiers-class.Rd FLCore/man/FLModel-class.Rd FLCore/man/FLPar-class.Rd FLCore/man/FLQuant-class.Rd FLCore/man/FLQuantPoint-accesors.Rd FLCore/man/FLQuantPoint-class.Rd FLCore/man/FLQuantSums.Rd FLCore/man/FLQuantTotals.Rd FLCore/man/FLQuants-class.Rd FLCore/man/FLSR-class.Rd FLCore/man/FLStock-class.Rd FLCore/man/FLStocks-class.Rd FLCore/man/FLlst-class.Rd FLCore/man/FLtest.Rd FLCore/man/IOfunctions.Rd FLCore/man/SRModelName.Rd FLCore/man/SRModels.Rd FLCore/man/apply.Rd FLCore/man/as.data.frame.Rd FLCore/man/asOld.Rd FLCore/man/bkey.Rd FLCore/man/bubbles.Rd FLCore/man/catchNames.Rd FLCore/man/ccplot.Rd FLCore/man/coerce.Rd FLCore/man/computeCatch.Rd FLCore/man/createFLAccesors.Rd FLCore/man/cv.Rd FLCore/man/data.Rd FLCore/man/dimnames.Rd FLCore/man/dims.Rd FLCore/man/expand.Rd FLCore/man/fbar.Rd FLCore/man/flc2flq.Rd FLCore/man/fmle.Rd FLCore/man/harvest.Rd FLCore/man/is.FL.Rd FLCore/man/iter.Rd FLCore/man/iters.Rd FLCore/man/jacknife.Rd FLCore/man/lapply.Rd FLCore/man/lattice.Rd FLCore/man/leslie.Rd FLCore/man/limits.Rd FLCore/man/lowess.Rd FLCore/man/mcf.Rd FLCore/man/mean.Rd FLCore/man/mean.lifespan.Rd FLCore/man/median.Rd FLCore/man/mergeFL.Rd FLCore/man/metier.Rd FLCore/man/model.frame.Rd FLCore/man/names.Rd FLCore/man/nls.Rd FLCore/man/plot.Rd FLCore/man/predict.Rd FLCore/man/print.Rd FLCore/man/propagate.Rd FLCore/man/pv.Rd FLCore/man/qapply.Rd FLCore/man/quant.Rd FLCore/man/quantile.Rd FLCore/man/r.Rd FLCore/man/range.Rd FLCore/man/revenue.Rd FLCore/man/rgamma.Rd FLCore/man/rlnorm.Rd FLCore/man/rnorm.Rd FLCore/man/rpois.Rd FLCore/man/sd.Rd FLCore/man/setPlusGroup.Rd FLCore/man/show.Rd FLCore/man/sop.Rd FLCore/man/splom.Rd FLCore/man/spr0.Rd FLCore/man/sr.Rd FLCore/man/ssb.Rd FLCore/man/ssbpurec.Rd FLCore/man/ssn.Rd FLCore/man/summary.Rd FLCore/man/survprob.Rd FLCore/man/sweep.Rd FLCore/man/transform.Rd FLCore/man/trim.Rd FLCore/man/units.Rd FLCore/man/update.Rd FLCore/man/var.Rd FLCore/man/window.Rd

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