Man pages for FaultTree.SCRAM
Interaction Between 'FaultTree' on R and "SCRAM"

addAtLeastAdd a type of vote gate to a PRA model
applyUncertaintyDefine an uncertainty deviate for a selected basic element in...
callSCRAMA wrapper function for creating a call to the SCRAM program
ftree2mefTranslate fault tree object to Model Exchange Format
readSCRAMcutsetsParse SCRAM output files to extract minimal cutset results
readSCRAMimportanceParse SCRAM output files to extract importance results
readSCRAMprobabilityParse SCRAM output files to extract probability result
readSCRAMuncertaintyParse SCRAM output files to extract uncertainty results
scram.cutsetsFault Tree Minimal Cut Set Determination Acquired from SCRAM
scram.importanceFault Tree Importance Factor Determination Acquired from...
scram.probabilityFault Tree Probability Determination Acquired from SCRAM
scram.uncertaintyFault Tree Uncertainty Analysis Acquired from SCRAM
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