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if no instrument can be found by the id of x, or if the instrument does not have an expires attribute, an attempt will be made to infer the year and month of expiration using parse_id in which case the returned value will be a string of the format “YYYY-MM”. Presently, Date and expired will be ignored if x is not the name of an instrument


## S3 method for class 'character'
expires(x, Date, expired = TRUE, silent = FALSE, ...)



Can be a Date or character string. When expires is a vector, the retuned value will be one of the two values of expires that are closest to Date. (which one will be determined by the value of expired).


TRUE/FALSE. This determines which date will be used when expires is a vector. If expired is TRUE the date returned will be the last one before Date. If expired is FALSE the first one after Date will be returned.


silence warnings?


Garrett See

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