Man pages for GLoMo
Naive General Location Model

combineGLoMosCombine a set of similar GLoMo objects into 1
getGuidDataUnique identifiers for all rows of dfr and their matches in a...
GLoMoFit naive General Location Model
GLoMo-packageNaive General Location Model
predict.conditionalPredict from GLoMo model with conditional rejection
predict.GLoMoPredict (sample) data from GLoMo model
randomFillAndRepeatDataRowFill unmatched datarow in GLoMo
rCatsAndCntInDfr(Multiply) complete dataset based on marginal properties of...
reusableDataForGLoMoSamplingCalculate GLoMo data that is usable for repeated 'completing'...
updateGuidDataUpdate 'GuidData' object from one GLoMo to the next
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