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Andre-Michel Guerry (1833) was the first to systematically collect and analyze social data on such things as crime, literacy and suicide with the view to determining social laws and the relations among these variables. He provided the first essentially multivariate and georeferenced spatial data on socially important questions, e.g., Is the rate of crime related to education or literacy? How does this vary over the departments of France? Are the rates of crime or suicide within departments stable over time?

In an age well before the idea of correlation had been invented, Guerry used graphics and statistical maps to try to shed light on such questions. In a later work (Guerry, 1864), he explicitly tried to entertain larger questions, but with still-limited statistical tools: Can rates of various crimes be related to multiple causes or predictors? Are the rates and ascribable causes in France similar or different to those found in England?

The Guerry package comprises maps of France in 1830, multivariate data from A.-M. Guerry and others, and statistical and graphic methods related to Guerry's Moral Statistics of France. The goal of providing these as an R package is to facilitate the exploration and development of statistical and graphic methods for multivariate data in a geo-spatial context.


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Data from Guerry and others is contained in the data frame Guerry. Because Corsica is often considered an outlier both spatially and statistically, the map of France circa 1830, together with the Guerry data is provided as SpatialPolygonsDataFrames in two forms: gfrance for all 86 departments, and and gfrance85, for the 85 departments excluding Corsica.


Michael Friendly and Stephane Dray

Maintainer: Michael Friendly <friendly AT>


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