Man pages for IHA
This package implements The Nature Conservancy's Indicators of Hydrologic Alteration software in R.

bullrunBull Run river flow data
change.rateCalculate change rate for a vector
flow.durationPlot a flow duration curve
group1Magnitude of monthly water conditions
group2Calculates the group2 IHA statistics
group2FunsCalculates group2 statistics from a matrix of rolling means
group3Calculate the group 3 IHA parameters.
group4Calculate the group 4 IHA parameters.
group5Calculate the group 5 IHA parameters.
IHA-packageIndicators of Hydrologic Alteration
internalInternal functions in IHA
plotDischargePlot discharge
plot.group1Plot group1 statistics
plotGroup1Plot group1 statistics
read.flowReads a rdb formatted data file from the USGS web site or...
runmean.ihaCalculate rolling means for group2 statistics
water.monthExtract the month of the water year from a date or time...
water.yearReturn a string giving the water year for a date
which.min.zooCalculate the date of a extreme value for a zoo series
yday2Calculate the day of the year as TNC does in their IHA...
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