Man pages for MRPP
Multiresponse permutation procedure and its variable importance and variable selection methods.

back.searchBackward variable selection for the MRPP
bw.mse.pdf.asymFind asymptotically optimal bandwidth for KDE by minimizing...
factoradicFactoradic numbers
get.dp.dw.kdePermutation-based variable importance measure
get.perm.matCompute permutations of treatment assignments in a one-way...
HSEL.bigzSample without replacement when the population can be huge.
MRPP-internalInternal functions not be used by the end user
MRPP-packageMultiresponse permutation procedure and its variable...
mrpp.test.distMRPP test for one-way design
smrpp.defaultSparDefault Smoothing parameters for Sparse Weighted MRPP Test
smrpp.penWtComputing Penalized Weights for Sparse Weighted MRPP Test for...
smrpp.testSparse Weighted MRPP Test for One-way Design
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