FittedModel-class: Class "FittedModel"

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Objects of this class represent parametrized statistical models (of the Modeler-class) after they have been fit to a training data set. These objects can be used to predict binary outcomes on new test data sets.

Objects from the Class

Objects can be created by calls to the constructor function, FittedModel. In practice, however, most FittedModel objects are created as the result of applying the learn function to an object of the Modeler-class.



Object of class "function" that implemnts the ability to make predictions using the fitted model.


Object of class "matrix" containing the trainng data set. Rowes are features and columns are samples.


Object of class "vector". Should either be a numeric vector representing outcome or a factor with two levels, containing the classes of the training data set.


Object of class "list" containing the fitted parameters for the specific model.


Object of class "list" containing any extra information (such as diagnostics) produced a a result of learning the model from the training data set.


Logical vector indicating which features should be retained (TRUE) of discared (FALSE) after performing featgure selection on the training data.



signature(object = "FittedModel"): Predict the binary outcome on a new data set.


Kevin R. Coombes <>

See Also

See Modeler-class and learn for details on how to fit a model to data.

See Modeler-package for a list of the kinds of classifiers that have been adapted for use in this generic framework.



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