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kNISTnonSIatomicUnitOf1stHyperpolarizability atomic unit of 1st hyperpolarizability

kNISTnonSIatomicUnitOf2ndHyperpolarizability atomic unit of 2nd hyperpolarizability

kNISTnonSIatomicUnitOfAction atomic unit of action

kNISTnonSIatomicUnitOfCharge atomic unit of charge

kNISTnonSIatomicUnitOfChargeDensity atomic unit of charge density

kNISTnonSIatomicUnitOfCurrent atomic unit of current

kNISTnonSIatomicUnitOfElectricDipoleMoment atomic unit of electric dipole moment

kNISTnonSIatomicUnitOfElectricField atomic unit of electric field

kNISTnonSIatomicUnitOfElectricFieldGradient atomic unit of electric field gradient

kNISTnonSIatomicUnitOfElectricPolarizability atomic unit of electric polarizability

kNISTnonSIatomicUnitOfElectricPotential atomic unit of electric potential

kNISTnonSIatomicUnitOfElectricQuadrupoleMoment atomic unit of electric quadrupole moment

kNISTnonSIatomicUnitOfEnergy atomic unit of energy

kNISTnonSIatomicUnitOfLength atomic unit of length

kNISTnonSIatomicUnitOfMagneticDipoleMoment atomic unit of magnetic dipole moment

kNISTnonSIatomicUnitOfMagneticFluxDensity atomic unit of magnetic flux density

kNISTnonSIatomicUnitOfMagnetizability atomic unit of magnetizability

kNISTnonSIatomicUnitOfMass atomic unit of mass

kNISTnonSIatomicUnitOfMomentum atomic unit of momentum

kNISTnonSIatomicUnitOfPermittivity atomic unit of permittivity

kNISTnonSIatomicUnitOfTime atomic unit of time

kNISTnonSIatomicUnitOfVelocity atomic unit of velocity

kNISTnonSIelectronVolt electron volt

kNISTnonSInaturalUnitOfAction natural unit of action

kNISTnonSInaturalUnitOfActionInEVS natural unit of action in eV s

kNISTnonSInaturalUnitOfEnergy natural unit of energy

kNISTnonSInaturalUnitOfEnergyInMeV natural unit of energy in MeV

kNISTnonSInaturalUnitOfLength natural unit of length

kNISTnonSInaturalUnitOfMass natural unit of mass

kNISTnonSInaturalUnitOfMomentum natural unit of momentum

kNISTnonSInaturalUnitOfMomentumInMeVc natural unit of momentum in MeV/c

kNISTnonSInaturalUnitOfTime natural unit of time

kNISTnonSIPlanckConstantOver2PiTimesCInMeVFm Planck constant over 2 pi times c in MeV fm

kNISTnonSIspeedOfLightInVacuum speed of light in vacuum

kNISTnonSIunifiedAtomicMassUnit unified atomic mass unit




Jose Gama


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National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), 2014 NIST Guide to SI Units B.8 Factors for Units Listed Alphabetically|search_for=nonsi_in!


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