Man pages for NumDfr
Provide a performant alternative to data.frame wrt factors

allLevelsreturn a list holding all levels for all columns / which cols... 'numdfr' (back) to 'data.frame'
as.double.numdfrDouble-Precision Vectors (from numdfr)
as.list.numdfrCoerce to list
as.matrix.numdfrConvert 'numdfr' (back) to 'matrix'
as.nummatrixConvert 'object' to 'numeric matrix'
dimnames.numdfrDimnames of an Object
dim.numdfrDimensions of an Object
displayDisplay a 'numdfr'
factorsToDummyVariables.numdfrQuickly create design matrix for simple cases
findCatColNums.numdfrWhich columns are categorical (factors) Available or Missing Values
is.numdfrCheck whether object is 'numdfr'
length.numdfrLength of an Object
matBack2OrgClassCoerce a matrix (back) to 'class' of some other object
names.numdfrThe Names of an Object
numdfrConstructor for 'numdfr' class
NumDfr-internalInternal NumDfr objects
NumDfr-packageProvide a performant alternative to data.frame wrt factors
numdfr.repFunctions for 'numdfr.rep' objects
rbind.numdfradd 'numdfr' objects' rows together
reduce.numdfrCreate less memory-heavy version of an 'numdfr' object,...
setDebugmodeNumDfrSet tracing of all calls on/off
str.numdfrDisplay contents/structure of a 'numdfr' object
z[.numdfrExtract or Replace Parts of an Object
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