PCM-package: Probabilistic cloud and snow detection on AVHRR imagery

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This package consists of set of procedures used to: pre-process input ancillary data (land cover, DEM, surface skin temperature); generate probabilistic cloud & snow mask for AVHRR data; post-classify the results into a binary form; compute cloud shadow mask


Package: PCM
Type: Package
Version: 1.0
Date: 2013-03-19
License: GNU >= 2.0

The data pre-processing is done in 3 steps. First the land cover data are remapped and interpolated (nearest neighbor) to desired projection and geographic extent using the lc_prepare function. Further (optionally) the Digital Elevation Model is remapped and interpolated (bilinear) to desired projection and geographic extent together with a temperature correction file which consists of a difference between high resolution DEM and DEM provided by the NWP model (geopotential at surface) multiply by the constant lapse rate of 0.6K/100m (dem_prepare function). Next (optionally) the NWP Skin Surface Temperature data is remapped and interpolated (bilinear) to desired projection and geographic extent and the temperature correction data are added (link{skt_prepare} function). Finally the cloud & snow detection is performed with optional DEM & SKT input and the classification probability is stored in the GeoTif file (PCM function). Optionally the post-classification can be performed which transforms the probability estimates to binary form and crude cloud shadow determination is added.


Jan Musial

Maintainer: Jan Musial <[email protected]>


Musial, J., Probabilistic approach to cloud and snow detection on AVHHR imagery, Atmos. Chem. Phys (in prep.)

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