Man pages for Peirce
Functions for removing outliers, with illustrations

ChauvenetChauvenets function to remove outliers
liborbbalibor function to remove outliers then return mean of...
liborUSD3MLIBOR rate in US Dollars for 3 month loans
NISTNIST outliers dataset
NlogQLimitsPlot limits of NlogQ
PeircePeirces function to remove outliers
Peirce1852Plots from Peirces 1852 paper
PeirceGouldPeirces function to remove outliers
Peirce-internalInternal Peirce objects
PeirceLimitsPlot limits of Peirce's function
PeirceVsChauvenetProduce plots and table (matrix) comparing Peirce to...
PeirceVsLiborProduce plots and table (data frame) comparing Peirce to...
RossOutliers dataset from Ross paper
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