Man pages for Polychrome
Qualitative Palettes with Many Colors

alphabetA 26-Color Palette
colorDeficitConverting Colors to Illustrate Color Deficient Vision
colorsafeA 10-Color Palette Distinguishable By COlor-Deficit...
createPaletteCreating New Color Palettes
custompalLight and Dark 24-Color Palettes
distancesVisualizing Color Palettes
getLUVGet the L*u*v* coordinates of the colors
glasbeyThe 32-color Glasbye palette
invertColorsInverting the Plot Device Color Scheme
isccColor Names From the Inter-Society Color Council (ISCC)
isccNamesStandard Names for Colors
palette36A 36-Color Palette
palettesPolychrome Color Palettes
viewersVisualizing Color Palettes
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