Man pages for RQDA
R-based Qualitative Data Analysis

casesCodedByGet cases coded by specific codes, by specifying the code...
codingBySearchAuto-coding by pattern matching
CrossCodesInter-codes relationship
exportCodedFileexported a coded file to HTML fiel
exportCodingsExport codings to a HTML file.
filesByCodesRelation between files and codes.
filesCodedByGet files coded by specific codes, by specifying the code...
getCasesGet the Case ID and Case Name.
getCodingsByOneReturn codings of one code.
getCodingTableGet the information of codings
getFileIdSetsGet file id from sets.
getFilesGet the ids or names of files list
getMemosCollection of code memos
gselect.listSelect Items from a List
list.deletedFunctions for dealing with the temporarily deleted data
nCodedByTwoShow the relationship between *codedBy using a matrix.
openProjectOpen and close project.
Ops.codingsBoolean operation on codings.
Ops.RQDABinary operations of some types of RQDA objects
queryFilesRetrieval of file names according to their codings.
relationRelation between two codings
retrievalRetrieval of codings conditional on the file id.
RQDA-packageR-based Qualitative Data Analysis package
RQDAQueryExecute a SQL statement on the open *.rqda file.
RQDATablesData Tables in rqda file
SearchFilesSearch files
summaryCodingsSummary of codings
ViewPlainFileView the file content of the selected file in File Widget...
write.FileListImport a batch of files to the source table
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